SMALL WOOD (Copyright S. Moxham/D. Halliday 2014)

Coming back to better luck Coming back to hope again Take the roads we never did Going out together We are facing forward Looking to each other now Counting on the small wood To get us through the weather Full ahead to better things Follow intuition Keeping course with heavenly Bodies in our minds


STARS SO BRIGHT (Copyright S. Moxham/D. Halliday 2014)

It's like we're living In a made-up country - Bits of the real world Stuck together one night It's all so convincing With it's language and customs I'd like to move here But it's not quite right Where are the sirens  And the older people Nothing is happening  Just out of sight If we go quickly Does the background move as well If we don't look up  Are there stars so bright I'm just not sure  What it is I'm looking for Now all I know is It's not around here I'm sure it was the last time I came calling Something bad is happening  I can sense the fear Maybe I'm a target  In a land of beauty People forced to actions  Far beyond their will Paradise despoiled now By the darker forces Of other men's desires  In a world that's ill


SHADOWS R US  (Copyright S. Moxham/D. Halliday 2014)

Believe me baby Although I am lazy I can tell you now I'll never say maybe Maybe I'll say Things in the night The cold light of day Just wouldn't show right But sorry to say Shadows R us I fade away In the light of your trust And so goodbye Now don't you cry Take away the times Your heart could fly I'm still your angel Don't you forget That changing your mind is What leads to regret


TO THOSE ALONE (Copyright S. Moxham/D. Halliday 2014)

Is there a name for what we're doing Is there a gain in how we feel One day with you and I'm a ruin You want to re-invent the wheel Should be a law for second chancers Should be a door without a lock Somewhere to go for timid dancers Who only know to count the stock Don't cry but everybody's Looking for a home Or so it seems To those alone


DARK ONE MORNING (Copyright S. Moxham/D. Halliday 2014)

Dark one morning early Early he came home While the day was breaking And he turned off his phone Made himself some breakfast Then heard a gentle moan So he looked in upon her But she was not alone Then as they lay sleeping He fed his growing rage And took to thinking darkly How she'd him made him feel his age Then lifting heavy metal Cold and serious He found his feet were walking Towards the end of “Us” As he stood hot upon the threshold Breathing the air that she had shared With this oblivious young asshole He felt like he had never cared Now everything was dust behind him And only tears up ahead 'Cause they had just one day to find them Alive or dead


CHARLOTTE'S NOTE (Copyright D. Halliday 2014)

She was a friend The sunrise in her eyes When we were young The time of our lives All summer long No need for lies A note from Charlotte Charlotte's note Says “I'm gone You're not the one” I shut my eyes And I can still see her Bored in the train The 10:45 She passed me a note And whispered “Goodbye” Train pulled away No looking back Alone there I stood The damn note in my hand And I don't want to see the words On Charlotte's note And I shut my eyes


SUNSHINE GIRL (Copyright S. Moxham/D. Halliday 2014)

Take my hand you sunshine girl Tell me all you see We will wander far afield On this lovely day For you are my firstborn love And we are easy In this early sunshine time I am yours and you are mine Love just like the rising lark Love like warmth upon our skin Time a luxury for us Blue skies we bathe in Soon you'll turn to other men I will be bereft Memory will come to serve All that I have left Now you are a woman grown See you in your time Come to visit one and all I am yours and you are mine


TICK THE BOX  (Copyright S. Moxham/D. Halliday 2014)

Take it away bring it back another day I am busy with the weft and the weave It's not that I don't care Or that I don't want to share In your running on the beach You have to understand How I want to be unplanned But for now I have to go and tick the box That will free me for a time That I can call mine When all the hands will fall from the clocks Then it's off we will go To a little place I know Something simple and sublime by the sea Running wind roaring shore And a duck under the door To a fire and an I could care no more For I have you in my eye And I need no reason more Come to me and I will show you who I am Take the time taste the wine Let the weather be unkind And you will find the warmest man


OTHER BIRDS (Copyright S. Moxham/D. Halliday 2014)

We are all outsiders  With our hearts that will not tire Beating deep inside us To the rhythm of desire In a world full of strangers Love is just below skin deep Ever-present dangers Disappear at lover's leap Meeting other birds We seem to recognise Underneath drab uniform Feathers of surprise I am all alone here In a crowd of could-be friends Far from California And other kinds of worldly ends